Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunday The Fourteenth

It's a scary day apparently.What, what? Valentine's day stupid!

The day when weird middle aged men who hang out in khaki shorts that start at their nipples, burn down stuff and vent sexual frustration on sappy individuals who BELIEVE in Hallmark Cards.

It's also the day I feel compelled to bake, make puddings and cook in general to bring out my inner (severely suppressed) romantic.

It's also the day, many women proclaim pure hatred for boyfriends who've forgotten (the infidels) to gift perfumes, reserve tables in fancy restaurants and/or light candles in the safety of their own homes.

It's not all completely horrible of course. But it is a DAY alright, like a massive heavy duty DAY where things happen with great feeling. Be it cheerfully feelings, or feelings laced with cynicism and judgment.

So here's to St Valentine's day, however you choose to swallow it. I advice a suspension of judgment. Even Christmas is commercial, come on!


√úbermaniam said...

In case you're still wondering. Alert, Nunuvut takes its name from HMS Alert, which wintered 10 km (6.2 mi) east of the present station off what is now Cape Sheridan, Nunavut in 1875-1876. oh and by the way, iLove your mumbai blog post photos. (sorry, bombay.) much nostalgia happened.

Meera said...

thanks. planning to hit dhobhi ghat this weekend. :)

Da Rodent said...

Its just another day.. :P