Monday, January 11, 2010

For the lack of a baritone

Notice the letters in this new template? I won't blame you if you didn't because they're quite tiny. The idea is to prevent anyone above the age of 40 from reading.
Not really. But one insult per post, makes this so much more interesting to write.

Today's post will be about confrontation skills. Or the lack of it.

Being blessed with a voice that is the furtherest thing from a "deep baritone". I'm the kind of soul that's usually found smiling sweetly at insults.

Why, the untrained mind might ask.

Here's why:
1: In the event that I do think of a retort at lighting speed, my delivery is usually hampered by a lack of volume (given the aforementioned voice).

2: The event of lightning speed striking itself is rare, considering it takes me two minutes to process the insult and the sheer unfairness of it.

That's all.

So I do not confront. Or avoid doing so. Or I confront and run away. (No not really). But pinching people is a much easier option.


Jean said...

Pinching? Hmmm. I should consider that the next time.

dudely do little said...

remember the key , the jungle and the ocean , and the the bit about idea being provided and you writing on it.
"things you learned from reading"
and be as expansive as you want
please please
if you could ask fellow beings also be nice
will be published here :
and drinks and drugs will be provided at later weddings
please please

Meera said...

hey hey! you remembered. :D
whats this blog about...i forget what large claims i made over alcohol..please do refresh my memory and give me a little more information. :)
hope to see you at the next wedding!!! (with mass produced joints ;) )

dudely do little said...

helloes agains

You: " i am a writer but sometimes i struggle to find what to write, i know ninjutsu about , if given ideas i can write and and have parted seas and will share monies and grand secrets with the idea providers, i love eating strawberries and i would eat 800 if i could"

the blog is a word,reading,learning blog , and we want a series of write ups about "what you learned from reading"
to promote "Reading" , make it exciting for non readers ,

you are the only writer i know and you write so well

helloes to baldies

Meera said...

hahahahha! at the strawberry thingy. :P

oh and these write ups sounds fun. i'll try! :)

Anshuman Manur said...

love the new background meera, very hippie...!

dudely do little said...

couhuugh! courryghh!

Meera said...

Thank you!!!!

Meera said...

dudley: this weekend. fo sho! :)

Anju Sabu said...

Confrontations make me poop my pants. And pinching is not one of my strong points because they sometimes punch back and I'm a sissy.
So instead, I just draw cartoons about them. :D

Thanks for following my blog!

Meera said...

hey anju! i love you blog.the shark is awesome. it's pretty cool to have a shark substituting for a measly pinch ;)

Meera said...

hey anju! i love you blog.the shark is awesome. it's pretty cool to have a shark substituting for a measly pinch ;)