Thursday, February 18, 2010

Google killed the encyclopedia

Ratty (who sometimes reads me) had posted today, "Google before you tweet is the new think before you leap". Which also lead me to think, I haven't gone to a library in the last four years, thanks to Google. Google has also by default created a whole bunch of know-it-alls.

Know-it-alls are always unbearable. And I hate to add myself to that list. Which would be a difficult thing to do anyway, because I know nothing. And manage to look like I know nothing, without making an effort.

Anyway,(throwing digression to the winds), Google has created a whole bunch of these people. For instance, last week, a girl friend and I walked into a pub. And I'm sorry, but there is no joke I can make after that sentence. But walk in we did. And we sat around, tired. (We had wrestled people in the Kala Ghoda Arts Festival before this). We needed a drink. We got one.

And since it is traditional to eavesdrop in a pub. We overheard a bunch of guys next to us wondering how exactly they could "break the ice" and make conversation, with us. I wish I could feel flattered, but all those guys could come up with was, "Which of you is drinking slower?".

My friend and I in great disappointment gave him what we call, a look of sheer disbelief. But for some reason, this look struck the man as friendly. And he threw himself headlong in to a conversation. Which was full of questions. If he didn't happen to know what we were talking about, he googled it. (In his mind he probably thought he was doing this slyly). But I sort of caught him at it!

Whatever little interest we had in talking to him evaporated. We fled.

Ever since then however, I have started obsessively noticing people who help themselves out in a conversation with Google. And it scares me. How much can you read, and know in three seconds?

I love Google. Google is actually a verb. But it has created quite a few know-it-alls. And I can't bring myself to like that.

And if this post gets you thinking about how Google has killed conversation. All I can say is, I told you so! :P


Rasika Raghavan said...

A sentence that began with my name. How exciting!

So, Sneha and Michelle were trying to prove me wrong,when I said Gerald Butler is the same guy who plays Denny in Greys Anatomy, in the LifeStlye billing queue. So dear Sneha takes out her Corby, googles, and proceeds to prove me wrong. Know-it-all indeed!

Sure there is no "girlfriend and I walked into a pub" joke? - google it, there might just be one

Meera said...

You are famous rasigya!

And its GeraRd Butler, not Gerald. I just googled it ;)

Meera said...

Sneha takes out her Corby. What a sentence! I hate Sneha!!!!

Mumbai Paused said...

I didn't google to reach your blog :)

Meera said...

you'd better not Gopal. You were one of the first to read it :D
How've you been anyway? Long time!!!

Anonymous said...


Da Rodent said...

lol :P