Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Traffic and Metaphysics

Traffic and Metaphysics:

Here are some things that sitting in a cab in the thick of a traffic jam can do to you:

1: Make you immensely patient, after you’ve craned your neck out three times, yelled five times, checked your angry face in the rear view mirror one time and realized, there’s nothing you can actually do. So you might as well wait.

2: Make you late. (Obvious one, that)

3: Make you immune to the cab driver’s voice.

4: Make you decipher the cab driver’s language painstakingly.

5: Make you wonder if you have enough money to cover the waiting charge.

6: Make you laugh at fate in a harsh, bitter fashion, while shaking your head dramatically.

7: Make you think of food.

8: Make you meet the one person in the world who thinks you bear a resemblance to Priety Zinta (one person = a eunuch wanting money)

9: Make you LISTEN to the radio.

10: Make you study the pattern in the upholstery and realize it’s value as a major piece of Optical Art.

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Da Rodent said...

how about sleeping?? :P