Monday, December 7, 2009

Plotting Shapes In Clouds

My internet does not run in Chinese anymore. It doesn't run at all in fact. Or it runs so slow, that by the time a youtube video loads, you've lost all interest in it.

I started my first day at work yesterday, new agency, new seat, big window, bright sunlight. As a rule, I don't write about work because it's too personal. I'd rather write about underwear(not mine, though).

On the flight back from Guwahati, I could think of a million things to say, none of which I can remember now.

I spent a blissful week in the hills, by the Brahmaputra and near a lake as large as Bandra, maybe even larger.

Now that I've done my showing off, I might as well wind up and head for lunch.

Except, I cannot leave without warning you about further show off in the manner of pictures. Next week.

Mu ha ha ha.

1 comment:

malted socktail said...

now u know how i feel everytime i head out :)
now while u go for lunch, let me jus finish up with this map :)