Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Trains are for another day!

For some unfathomable reason, my Internet works in Chinese! The ads are in Chinese, the icons are in Chinese. I don't know if I'm imagining things now. Though that is quite possible. Last night I imagined my maid ordering me to wash the bathroom. This admittedly was a dream, but still, it was a strange one.

I have promised myself I will travel by train. Every morning I step out to reach the station but end up hailing a cab and thinking of a glorious tomorrow where I will reject all luxuries that involve me spending two hundred bucks every day.

This is because I'm saving up to buy tickets for a trip I richly deserve. Rich is just a turn of phrase, it has nothing to do with me as a human being. Rich and I have been strangers ever since I moved out of the comfortable nice-ness of my home in Bangalore. (Where my mother served me tea every morning and I ambled on the terrace feeling poetic).

Quitting ones agency is fraught with trouble. For instance, everyone feels a niggling desire to make you work more than ever (now that you're leaving and they can never eat your head again). You are in the this-is-my-last-chance to be free state of mind. So the two intents clash horribly. Usually ending in me trying my best to leave at 5:30 sharp. (In a cab)

I can hardly wait for the holiday to come. I have spent all my life's savings on a sweater which I know I will never wear again. But somehow when I was spending that money while feeling the softness of that sweater everything seemed strangely logical and right. In fact I feel that way only when I touch the sweater. At all other times I am appalled.

I just noticed I crib a lot about money. This might have something to do with poverty but I'm not entirely sure. I stumbled across a lot of female written blogs that crib about men. Lucky them. I guess when I get some money I'll crib about the men. Cribbing is after all a gradual well-thought out process.

The weather is lovely today.

Will therefore crib tomorrow.


Rasika Raghavan said...

you quit work? or shifted agencies?

and where you going...Goa? :)

Rasika Raghavan said...

you quit work? or shifted agencies?

and where you going...Goa? :)

Meera said...

quitting and shifting. to contract :)

and no...i'm going to assam. just booked tickets. :)

deepazartz said...

Nice post...Came your way from Rang Decor.

I think its so human to crib for something or the other:)

Have a wonderful day!

Deepa from www.deepazworld.blogspot.com

Meera said...

hey thanks deepa. nice to find a new reader :)