Monday, June 23, 2008

I saw a man with cubist nostrils today. In a speeding auto, Futurism meets Picasso.
Oh and I'm back. After a week of decadence, I'm back to relative calm.
Mumbai and all it offers. I swear i will not bore anyone about Mumbai. :)
Instead i will tell you about my gold shoes. At the risk of giving away dangerously personal information. Well, these shoes, they are nice, covered and sparkly gold. They sparkle a la, Kareem Bibi, when she wondered what to pick for her nephews wedding, (what to pick that will stand out). So yeah, these shoes are very Kareem Bibi, and very cool. On a good day, they might even remind one of Aki Narula and or retro chic.
It is highly obvious i think, that I'm writing solely for the sake of writing.