Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Sixth Sheikh Sold Six Sick Sheep

Imagine you had to describe your life in six words. Here's what a Dominatrix said; " Woman seeks men-High pain threshold". And a slightly unhappy plumber; "Fix a toilet, get paid crap".

A new book brings out these interesting six word biographies, that offer much much greater insight than a thousand pages ever would. It's like writing copy. I always find shorter copy so much better. Especially if it's got some punch.

Here's an interesting baseline for a mattress, "For the rest of your life". Incidentally Marilyn Monroe was found dead on that one. And my father is a witchdoctor.

So, anyway. I was just thinking what if i had to describe my own life in six words? Would i base the description on my profession? Or would i just call it " A series of unfortunate events". Except it doesn't make six words.


death becomes him said...

too complicated for six words only

Verne said...

"A series of HIGHLY unfortunate events"