Wednesday, July 2, 2008

When my hot dog barked.

Have you ever had the feeling that your head is too full of information? Have you ever wondered where all the information goes? Like what of you learnt too many things, way too many many...would there be place in your head to hold them all? Or will you slowly go mad?
I'm going slowly mad...and it has a lot more to do with pure insanity than good information. Because thankfully i have the attention span of a gold fish. A gold fish on a good day that is. The kind of day when the gold fish remembers being distracted by a strange long tubular thing seemingly crashing into the glass bowl, causing a tiny water quake. (That would be my finger tapping on the glass bowl, nothing else).
So what is it with pure insanity? I think there are too many people in this city. And i also think I'm humanly incapable of sitting at home and doing nothing. Except of course when i have no money and no kindly, generous, moneyed folks around me. These things coupled together tend to cause great inner conflict. "Should i stay home and get bored, or should i go outside and get trampled?" Getting trampled always seems like a better option. And I'm not at all surprised that the Romans had a thing for gladiators and shit. I do also, especially the Hollywood versions. Except I'm talking about getting trampled here. Which is also something i have a thing for. If I've used the word thing too many times, it's just the insanity. Promise. Thing.
So this Saturday i headed to China House. Thing is, it's supposed to be a classy place (or so i was TOLD) I don't know if it is...i can't be too sure, cause i spent most of the evening trampled. Now the thing is...i need to finish this piece and by now I've lost interest. It's hard to have any when your neighbour is playing a particularly gory Bollywood song. The kind that tramples your brains.

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