Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Striped Blue Underwear And Other Ways Of Grabbing Your Attention

These days observations take up most of my mind space. It's fun to look at people and watch the odd things they do when they think no one is looking. Little do they know...they are now the subject of intense scrutiny by an otherwise chocolate-saddled copywriter.

Being chocolate-saddled is by no means an awful thing. It allows you to waste precious time reading about and lusting after alleged aphrodisiac. And you can seem perfectly respectable. Command respect, even. Mention to a close friend that you now handle an Italian chocolate account. Notice the change. You will now become the darling of all eyes! Of course you must conveniently forget mentioning that you never get free chocolate samples (even after you pointedly hint to your client).

Anyway, i wanted to write about observations. Well, i recently saw an accident. And yes, I'm a brave stone-hearted woman of chewy moral fiber that does not shirk from writing about that emotionally ravaging incident. As i was saying, this cyclist fell from his seat and managed to show half the world his striped blue underwear much in the manner of French can-can dancers. He then proceeded to do a "Marilyn Monroe" in the Seven Year itch, gave an embarrassed giggly smile, as only mallu men can. (For reference; please check the mallu attendants in Crossword, Indranagar).

My first reaction was shock. My second was to stare at everyone else. One man had stopped and stared as one stoned and disillusioned. Another stopped next to the stoned man and languidly stared like he had nothing better to do with the rest of the day save staring at striped chaddis. The Good Samaritan of course had to help! And there was a mother yanking her son and pulling him away from the (the rest of this brilliant post got tragically wiped away in a power-cut..im too lazy to retype, a thousand pardons, a sigh:( )


b d said...

chocolate-saddled copywriter ah


I like passing comments in my head at people.

Especially when I'm driving.

b d said...

I like chocolates with alcohol in them. Brings a whole new meaning to 'chocolate kick.':-)

M.U. said...

power cut = blog kill.

Of Gunbuzzys said...

oh myyy....look who commented :O