Thursday, September 20, 2007

Don't Know....

This morning i have no inclination toward flippancy. If anything, the sunshine makes my morning greyer and my sweater is ill timed and heavy, just like my idea of the morning air. Bangalore air is never light, not even in Cubbon park or Botanical Gardens. It is somewhat lighter than that air which wafts through your Second Class train window in Egmore railway station in Chennai. However, that's just a flattering comparison.
I am having another free morning, that allows my skull to feel empty and at once bombarded by unpleasant thoughts. Sigh. It is something of a blow to have to give up your independence at twenty one. And if you are tempered by Middle Class sentiments and awfully Indian notions on how to go about your life. You are setting yourself up for intense and excruciating captivity.
A certain amount of obsession with privacy does not allow me to reveal more. But then, it is a horrid day, in every respect. (More sighs)I could not have chosen a worse day to wear a sweater. The sunshine is mockery. The tube light, unnecessary. The Polar bears dying for light bulbs, my random stab at attempting to Save the World.
Be cheerful all, the end is hardly near. Even if it is, we'll still have an indestructible plastic bag to cover our heads in.


b d said...


i love the cynicism.

Blue Panther said...

Thanks for the visit to my blog and for liking it. I must say your blog is pretty good and thoughtful! Though your "obsession of privacy" kept us from knowing what was wrong, yet, tomorrow will come and it will bring with it a new Sun