Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Alcohol Abuse

I can't remember the last time i had a spot of drink and came back home happy and swaying. This is not because i regularly pass out after drinking. But simply because, I haven't been able to stomach a drop of alcohol in the last, i-don't-remember-when.
I'm sure, some people would agree, this is a perfectly wonderful thing (my mother being one of the chief screamers). However, I am of the opinion that, i have been singularly deprived. It is terribly dampening. I'll explain why.
Say the whole world (which now comprises your table) is drunk. They are all wasted and jubilant. However, you have no idea why! You have no clue what was so funny about the last joke. You also don't know why some people choose to weep when they stub their toe and recollect their failed love lives all at once. You also think (and you're the only person who thinks so) that dancing when drunk is a tad embarrassing. Uh-Oh. You are indeed the official spoiler.
So never mind what your liver says about Liver Rights Hepatitis Section 101. God has made you a lesser mortal. Because if you can't drink, you can't exist. If the dirty looks don't kill you, the humour will.


b d said...

Perspective sweetness....


acceptability is just another form of normalcy.
- my perspective

malted socktail said...

ill second that ! hic! and blog away lady ...ure good! :)

greju b-lot stephen said...

and the copywriter does it again!
i ought to say stay away from tha drink meerkundi... but ur arguments are just too solid to stomp upon!
way to go i say WAY-TO-GO! india needs young minds like yowers!

David said...

I'd never thought if drinking in quite that way, but I can see the point :-). Solutions: say adios to your liver and dive into a pint, or get a new group of friends... I guess neither sounds very pleasant.

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