Thursday, August 23, 2007

And then one day...nothing goes right. You slept angry, you woke up FURIOUS! The sunlight is blaring in your face, you want to sleep, and the goddamn curtain is too far away. The bath water is too hot. Your mother is unnecessarily cold. You need to call up work, but your validity just got over. AND...there is a traffic jam. Aaaarrgh!
This could be an everyday day somehow it seems intensely magnified. (Also you are broke) Being broke makes everything twice more annoying. You could blame all the world's problems on being broke. If you were richer, you could've had those blinds which get pulled down by a tiny little finger twitch. If you were richer, your bath water would've been cooler (it WOULD have, I know it). If you were richer, your mother would've been too busy counting money to worry about your dirty room. As for validity, I'm secretly hoping my readers are not daft!Also traffic jams don't bother the rich because they are carefully ensconced in their A/C cars and I'm pretty sure radio indigo plays different music for THEM! I'm sure they are not subjected to Mariah Carey's wailing and God-Knows-Who's constant troubles with some annoying sounding bimbo.
Ironically enough, I decided to be all kitsch and there is a calendar of the goddess Lakshmi on my desk. Oh, how i hate the world!


nothingman said...

Yeah, the jam was psyched - if we are talking about the same ones. Notice plural.
About being broke. Welcome to the party.
About being rich. If only....
I'll have to look up that word kitsch (speelling :-/) now.

malted socktail said...

oh how you hate the world.
and how i love thee blogs!

u have found ure calling sunshine.
and ya , radio indigo does play different music for ME!

nothingman said...

Kitsch - very well used.


don't mind me.

Zennmaster said...

things get far worse during month ends man...and i love blore auto drivers they are F***ing Aholes