Sunday, August 19, 2007

The "X" Men

So you don't know "X", you've probably just met him once. But suddenly, "X" decides to take a keen interest in your life. He starts talking about you. He could talk, there's absolutely nothing wrong with talking. But it's the nature of the talk. It's so intense, so impressive it's so wholly imaginative.
Your eyes will fill with wonder at such magnificently spun lies. "X" apparently knows much more about you than you knew about yourself. For instance, "X" knows that in college, you weren't the innocent idiot thing everyone thought you were. Instead "X" knows, that you were in fact a ruined immoral teenage mutant that was also a well known nympho and the World's Best Kept Secret. Wow. "X" also will probably one day (for want of a better subject) decide that you are Marie Antoinette resurrected and now working for the Pakistani militia while pretending to be an undercover CIA agent that nobody knows about. And such is the power of "X" and his wondrously spun tales that people will believe him. They will know. They Who Know, will then nod their heads dismally and tell all the important people in your life, that you are not who you pretend to be. You are in fact an undercover CIA agent working for the Pakistani militia with presidential aspirations and you regularly dress up as Marie Antoinette when no one is looking. The important people will think, this might be true after all 'cause you do have an affinity for well made cake.
Everyone in the first flush of a brilliantly told story will promptly forget that Marie Antoinette never said "Eat cake". She probably just fell victim to an "X" from the French revolutionary times. Meanwhile, you are just relived no one knows the real truth about you. That in college, you cut class to watch movies for a mere ten bucks. You just breathe a sigh of relief for the truth might not suit your royal reputation.


nothingman said...

confused feeling.

was expecting something about the 'X-men.' But then that was totally my premonition.

Nice writing.

Keep it up! :-)

ganga said...

damn them all!! really!!

greju b-lot stephen said...

damn you woman... brilliant post!

hope X has his ass burnt off. along with other 'essential' body parts!