Wednesday, December 30, 2009

No Brainer

If you shook my head like a cookie jar and turned it upside down, a whole lotta thoughts would fall out. But not all of them good. Not necessarily.

Just like this terrible thought I have reserved for the man outside my house who chooses to sing at 1 A.M.

This man has a surprisingly good voice, and disgusting taste. He picks such gems as "Orre Orre" which I'd never heard till last night. It might be said of this man, that he tends to be a little too dramatic in his tone. Carnatic intonations creep in from nowhere into a loudly belted out "Orre Orre". However, it stands true that the man posseses a good voice, but bad timing and terrible taste.

Its sometimes easy to figure out people by their taste in music. Though I wouldn't completely recommend that route because judging itself, is a flawed activity.

You never really know a person ever. Even if you've known them for years.

For instance I recently found out that my parents watch World Cinema. Now what do I make of that?

Being open minded is good. So long as one's brain doesn't fall out.


Rasika Raghavan said...


contract (?) not keeping you busy enough meerkat? not complaining though :)

Hatikvah said...

My lessons for the day - "Cramatic" and the fact that a song like "Orre Orre" actually existed! Atleast, he wasn't singing a Rakhi Sawant no. (my co-passenger in the bus does that)!

The new year post was howlarious!!

Keep up the good work...

Meera said...

@ratty: hahaha. don't complain witch. i work till ten everyday. but was on new year long weekend holiday till yesterday!!! :)

@hatikvah: thanks!

Roshni said...

Nice blog! But poor have to listen to that!

*_* said...

Fall? withered posts on the pavement? Realization of existence of a greater universe?