Monday, December 22, 2008

An Ode-itty

I'd like to write this post as an ode to the Girl With The Phone.
She is tiny, but she is oh-so-strong. So nimble, so good at holding her own, and more importantly her phone.

I travel by trains. Second class now, since I'm broke, thanks to the purchase of a phone, oddly enough. Yes, so...i travel in the second class ladies compartment at a peak hour when the ladies are pretty, um..ruthless.

The ladies come in all sizes i might add, thin, fat, obese, thin with shockingly powerful forearms, and always, always, clod hopper feet. Feet that MUST trod on yours. Poor things, they just don't understand that little thing called patience. That everyone CAN get it. It's India after all. Everyone fits into everything.

Coming back to the Girl With The Phone, she is really something principally because nothing and no one can dislodge the phone permanently stuck to her ear. She manages the strong forearm lady, by simply squishing herself from under her, the fat lady is easy, even for me, harmless...fat can't do any damage. The skinny ones are scary, the bones can reaaally hurt. But being skinny herself, the Girl With The Phone has mastered the art of slipping through tiny spaces and manages to get in with just a couple of hairs out of place and the phone conversation...intact!

It's no wonder that her sycophantic boyfriend wants to talk all hours of the day to her because face it, she is simply amazing!!! She coochie cooes in the same breath as she war cries, she wiggles and whacks, she is serene and supreme.

Girl With The Phone, i salute you. Teach me a thing or two?


michellekc18 said...

I swear... I've no clue how those mobile phone girls do it. I can barely manage to get in and get out with everything safely tucked in my bag and these girls r just pros

pure said...

women talk!