Wednesday, December 24, 2008

New Year Pressure

It's that time of the year again. When the pressure begins!!!

People have been asking me since early November about 31st december. Each one wants to out do the other. If one is heading to Goa, the other claims, it's passe and she's going to Pondicherry instead. Yet another talks of France. Some simple souls claim to do "nothing, just a small party with 150 people at home". Others plan to get stoned to forget bad relationships or get through bad company. Inevitably, I'm forced to ask myself, what am i going to do?

If i'm completely honest with myself, I'd have liked to spend it with my special person. But he'[s not here. I'd probably like to get away somewhere as well. But i'm rather short on funds. I don't mind a house party either, but i do NOT want to usher in another year getting to know a complete stranger. I'm not interested. 150 people is disgusting. I could just spend new years on the local train instead.

So guess what I'll be doing? Watching TV at home or going to the tiniest house party i can manage with the nicest people i know in Bombay. The Sids. :D I really really don't mind watching TV at home. And i really really don't think I'm a loser.

Until then, Merry Christmas everyone. Enjoy the mulled wine and plum cake. I plan to pump my land lady for some.

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