Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It's hard to get

I'm genuinely in awe of women who can "play hard-to-get".

I mean are they playing it or do they simply not care or are they quite odd or are they Plato? What are these "hard-to-get" women like? I don't know a single one. Honest.

I have no such state of my own. Most of the time, I'm not really bothered because there are three thousand things occupying my mind, of which the chief attention seeker is hair. I'd much rather waste my time thinking about my hair than some stupid git who talks and makes you cringe. Or you see him and you feel like standing a little far away. Or he just is, and you didn't even notice.

However when i am interested, even my hair takes a back seat. Suddenly I'm completely obsessed. I'm dying to call, but I'm too proud. Or as soon as i get a call i pounce on the first ring and feel immediately embarrassed for appearing too enthusiastic. Or worse, i send three page long messages, heavily edited and re-edited to remove any trace of excess emotion. And then i ruin everything by displaying all that excess emotion in a one line message. Disgusting, i know. And not hard-to-get playing or whatever elusive brand of ethereal creature! But the most atrocious trait is the "humour". I feel compelled to send witty rejoinders. ALL THE TIME!!!It's tragic. I think cell phones have killed courtship.

I'm sure every single woman of my acquaintance would be hard to get otherwise.


Subramaniam said...

i'm exactly the same and i don't think it's a bad thing at all :)

Gargoyle Grins said...

i know how much this sucks ass when the sparrow voiced seemingly hard to get women you dont know have a C-U-TE on hangin on to their every word.

I wonder if i only know women who have least tact when interested in a boy/girl...