Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Beggars Make Good Tea

You know, i really can't stand it when someone asks me, "You have a big appetite no?". Cause almost always they say this incredulously. I know a couple of years later if i still don't obey my yoga-promise, the in credulousness will be gone along with the petiteness. But it's just fun to crib about such things when you can. I'm a great cribber and proud of my imagination.

So Mumbai has rained all week. And it's nowhere close to the fun we had in Stella. When it rained in Stella, everyone except me and my good brave friends (almost) vacated hostel...we saw a gorgeous water snake, took many pictures, ventured out of the gates in shorts and PJs at any point in the day without the nuns complaining or killing us slowly and painfully. We suddenly had a lot to read now that there was no electricity and only candle light. We also lead ourselves (i don't know about the others but i did) that the world was coming to an end, and i was a brave refugee doing something the world would remember forever.

Now when it rains, i feel old, i have a windcheater and I'm scared of falling sick cause I'll miss work. I still take pictures, but of my roommate, when she looks funny. However she deletes them in a way completely out of sorts with her regular laziness levels. I mean, she moves at the speed of light and suddenly develops, Cruella De Vil nails.

Speaking of Cruella De Vil, i love love love Meryl Streep in Devil Wears Prada. I even dreamt about the clothes last night( Anne Hathaway's clothes tho). Immediately after the movie, i felt like a beggar. But a beggar can dream. And i have big plans for my wardrobe. (That are hatched every single time i watch this movie and never get executed). Then again, every beggar must dream. And make tea while it rains.