Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Stuff and Nonsense

Monday Night.

I'm back from Goa (again). Decidedly dirtier, darker and TIRED! I come back, visualizing my soft lit, cosy, room. A hot, long satisfying shower, few pages of any book and sweet, sweet sleep. I also visualized washing some clothes (but this wasn't doing me any good, so i ignored it).

Anyway, so i come back...waiting to hit bed. And you don't even want to know what i found.

Like lets make this a mystery blog. Like in Rebbecca how you never find out the protagonist' s name..you'll never find out what happened to me last night. It will suffice to say i screeched and screamed at a bewildered bahadur and later slept in the hall. Also i read a terribly written book called sari and sins, made atrocious maggi and hoped tomorrow was not another day (of the same kind).

Tuesday Morning:

I somehow manage to wake up, have a bath and get to the railway station. Where i proceed to miss two trains, board a third, which turns out to be wrong and almost get off on the wrong side of the platform. Which is by all means a death defying stunt. Travelling in Mumbai is continuous adventure. Right from getting "sucked in" to a train by three fat aunties in Mulund, to boarding a bus without money and being helped by a stranger who i previously thought was lecherous.


Rasika Raghavan said...

very curious...wht did happen?

nu-sense said...

i think monkeys got into your room

or leeches

or piegeons

or you probably left the gas on like in 'fight club'


sgm said...

You saw yourself in the mirror. I am pretty sure.

Gunbuzzy said...

Keep guessing y'all. :P