Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Serendipity And Bubbles

It's the day before the last day of the working week. Consequently, I'm in a good mood. But majority of the good mood i owe to two good movies in one week. I'm not going to mention the movies. Just that they made me happy, in a serendipity sort of way and i want everyone else to discover them the same way. Serendipity-like.

The remainder of the good mood i owe to some good work i did. Finally. Work wise.

Anyway, here's a little story.

There was once this girl. Confused. And shy and silly when in company. She met a boy who was never sober. A boy who made her laugh. And a boy who found her pretty. The boy's eyes crinkled when he smiled. And that made up for the moments when the girl didn't find him too funny. They were comfortable with each other in a way only intimacy will allow. And yet they weren't too close. Not in the beginning. And all things must get ruined with familiarity. And so they spoke of deeper things and times to come. The future and The Simpsons. Soon, there were other people who came to share the comfortable bubble that the girl and boy had conjured. Other people and anger and arguments and confusion came along. There was no space in the bubble. Like Bombay in the month of February. Where I'm told rents are highest and houses most difficult to find. The girl and boy then became like everybody else. The shininess of a newly blown bubble was lost and there was only the psychedelic squares that form windows on the face of every bubble. The bubble din't burst though. It just grew larger and accommodating.


michellekc18 said...

I like the story.. Though konjam over [very your style], I still like it

sgm said...

i like the bubble concept. nice.

Gunbuzzy said...

Thank ye.
And special thanks to Miss Michelley who found time from other pressing engagements (read looking for the songs from chitty chitty bang bang):D

malted socktail said...

nicely written...ill say that much.

and tho i am sensitive and emotional and all that jazz... a tad too much love is like extra sugar in my coffee.. like a morphine shot, that i can jus roll my eyes over and "black" out ! :) but cheers to the writin

Gunbuzzy said...

I deliberately left out the bad parts. But your right, there's something nice and romantic about fighting as well...but it is just too personal.
But even the mush is genuine. In my defence. :)

malted socktail said...

welll not doubtin you mush one bit..
but as writing, just not in my cuppa coffee :)

Rasika Raghavan said...

i like the writing...very nice!!!

Gunbuzzy said...

Thank u Ratty :)

nu-sense said...


rantravereflect said...

ya know wat.. even if teh bubble does burst, it's all in ya hands as to blow another big, beautiful one again- with the same bubble-blower or with another (-->the same relationship/another)..
Tats how ya romance with life bebo:)

psychedelic squares- i liked that..

have ya watched the motley colors on the bubble- the cryptic, rainbow colors are wat life is- so varied n elusive that ya jus got to keep the bubble, ergo the relationship up n running!

it's like ya previous post- a really bad day is like a slightly screwed up bubble, burst it n start again, i bet ya lived better days after tat. :)

malted socktail said...

whose is this above me.... but true!