Monday, January 28, 2008

I have begun to violently dislike my writing. Finally.
The colour, the tone, everything about this blog is terribly putting off. I don't know if i have grown, i don't know if I've gotten self obsessed and realized that henceforth i will write boring posts all about me, my feelings and how i cut my toe nails.
As of now. I'll just stick to saying, i hate this blog.


Wolverine said...

two words: quarter-life crisis.
mumbai does that to people.

fire fly said...

yes,the colours are weird

Wolverine said...

that's what some of us are trying to change, by making the rules interesting and relevant. if we men donot have some set of guidelines, well then we are just bums.
and btw, if ur bros had a rule on washing socks imposed upon them, it is best ignored. what's next- going shoe shopping?

Gunbuzzy said...

why does it have to be a rule? imagine expecting someone else to wash your smelly sweaty socks? it's just inconsiderate. and what im saying is...when men are inconsiderate about socks, why wud they care for "rules". i dont have to be a man to not care for rules :P
oh and ur blog comments on mine?!!

Wolverine said...

you see, we men go by life in a daze.. anything good that happens on the way is just due to luck or a side-effect of falling for some chick. hence mundane things like personal hygiene, clothing etc, do not influence us unless by one of the above said two causes, again.

anyway, im sorry im not so savvy as to know the exact place on the net to write a comment.. im sure no one you know is going to like you less for this mishap.. me on the other hand, being a truck-driver, am used to handling displeasure and hate directed at me from completely unknown strangers.. happens all the time on the road.

Gunbuzzy said...

awww! i wasnt displeased or hate ridden. simply wondering why u went to such lengths to write a comment :P
but yes, i wud never argue with logic that points towards men being dirty.
tho, i do question the logic that makes a man frame rules for "living" that too for a sex wholly opposed to such aggravating things as "rules". :)

Gunbuzzy said...

"completely unknown stranger"

Wolverine said...

wasn't talkin abt u, was talkin abt the other 'unknown strangers' who u think read ur stuff and pass judgement. anyway, truth is, i don't give an owl's hoot if the guys follow those rules or not.. but if atleast one dude reads that stuff and thinks onne of them makes sense, i would be satisfied.

btw, i visited ur blog as ur name suggested u write abt guns and stuff - i still think John Rambo is a cool guy.. no harm done, do carry on with your life.

sgm said...

Happy Realization! Maybe you should try more interesting topics like credit card malfunction.

Gunbuzzy said...

I hope you die. Of a credit card malfunction.

malted socktail said...

every writer goes through a phase of not liking their stuff... actually any creative person.

except for one nepali friend (and for as long as ive known him, he has never once been unhappy or unsatisfied with his work)

but its mostly because, there is so much out ther.. so much competition, so many authors, so many styles... and in the universal philosophy of : in creativity, there is no such thing as right and wrong... "

so u can hate it, you can love it, or rattle between the too like hurricane katrina between day 1 and 2.

if u care for others thoughts, i think ure blog is fantastic :) ure style easy and realistic without the unnecesarry wish-wash of glitter and glamour of a walking thesaurus!

Gunbuzzy said...

wow..thanks :)
and my vocabulary is pretty limited anyway :D