Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Ogre Of All Colours

I was thinking this morning, black has suffered apartheid in more ways than one. I don't mean this in a racial sense. But you know, more like as a colour. Like black has awful PR. Picture this, black sheep, black cloud, black Friday, black day, black magic, black'ed' out, so on and on and on. Bad stuff is always black. Give the poor colour a break. The only people who probably look at it with any love are those from the fashion world. But who takes those people seriously anyway? Like imagine a goonk (in real life) who says, "Dahling, but WHAT are you WEARING?" Chances are you'll roll your eyes upward at them, (if you're the polite sort), or give them a piece of your mind (if you're the angry sort), or just laugh loudly (if you're the easy going sort), or be reminded of your mother (if you're the sentimental sort).
Anyway, coming back to the original topic, i really wonder why black has such oppression attached to it. To be very fair, it is a rather nice colour that makes you look skinny or sexy depending on what you want. Black also serves rockers very well and gives them an air of mystery, and wastefulness which they so long to project. Like whatever, I'm just curious. :) Black is the poor ogre, (Shrek like) in a fairy tale universe of colour. I don't know why i think such random thoughts. But an auto from Kamanhalli to IndraNagar affords much time for introspection. It also makes you notice that some weirdo morphed a Ravi Verma painting to make his muse seem like she is holding a bunch of heart shaped balloons that read "happy new year". I wish i had a camera. Indian street art is so insightful ! hahahaha.


fire fly said...

Sticking to sarees :-)

There is one saree on display in chennai. It has a few paintings on it's design. The main one by Ravi Verma.(If i'm not mistaken)

Black signifies depth for me. Condensed stuff. :-)

Manoj Jacob said...

Yellow suffers in silence too.

Gunbuzzy said...

@ firefly: i know that one, they had monster size hoardings outside my college in chennai. the denim saris are what excite me tho!
@manoj: yup, poor yellow is jaundiced and fevered :D
green, green is bathroom queen, didju know? i made that one up :P

fire fly said...

I would say

Green green
Where's afreen?

Or better still who's afreen?

Manoj Jacob said...

yellow, yellow, dirty fellow...

yellow journalism

yellow - cowardly or treacherous; "too yellow to stand and fight

Gunbuzzy said...

there is a very interesting reference to yellow by J.D Salinger. "It's no fun to be yellow. Maybe I'm not all yellow. I don't know. I think maybe I'm just partly yellow and partly the type that doesn't give much of a damn if they lose their gloves."
Then again, it's about being a coward.
And sad music is called the blues?
very colour except white is discriminated i think.

malted socktail said...

"To be very fair"...taken from your write-up...

guess that answers a lot...
if your being fair.... then its fine.
but otherwise you ll have a blackmark on ure record :)