Thursday, October 11, 2007

My blog lives!

Yes, yes, there's reason to wipe those tears away for I'm back. Recently, an awful stalker-wierdo situation had compelled me to keep my thoughts and ideas to myself. However, at the risk of having acid flung on my pretty face (he he) i decided to do the brave thing and write on!
Was i inspired?Of course. A fraand-indeed suggested i read her blog, and the funnys there made me yearn to spin more of my ungrammatical bloopers. I even went so far as to make the layout more reader friendly. Some might suggest this is cheaply copied...i beg to agree :)
Anyway...that being that, I'm also a decidedly more cheerful soul. This might have some unearthly connection with my being able to swig the drinks again and an even unearthlier connection with my being able to breathe again. Yes, yes, for i have once more become the jobless loafer i used to be. Rejoice all, for I am back..much in the manner of Rajnikanth in Sivaji.


zoink said...

Ore dara sonna

NOORU dara sonomadri


zoink said...

ps: the pic by the sea is nice.

very thoughtful emotions and artistic scenery.

greju b-lot stephen said...

who is the great fraand who inspired you...might it be me? (tee hee)

Of Gunbuzzys said... it was namrata chowdhary!

malted socktail said...

well !! i ahevnt been here in a while it looks like... dint realise ud filled in pages and pages of ure blog... ure way more disciplined that u put out... im impressed ..

and as a friend i shall now proceed to drown myself in each of ure writings, and as true friends shall pass cheap comments on each of them ! cheerio !

Gunbuzzy said...

wow! u do have a lot to catch up on...all the best. and expect a quiz later :P

Anonymous said...

Hello. Great job. I did not expect this on a Wednesday. This is a great story. Thanks!