Friday, August 3, 2007

Second post. I'm stumped.
I think I'll write about Stella Maris, it's got humour, mystery and sexuality of the (apparently) most interesting kind; lesbianism.
I'll explain why. You see at Stella Maris, my college life was a joke. Academically speaking. They didn't allow me to write an exam (for lack of attendance), which means I'll hate them for ever. Notice the "dark humour"?
When it comes to mystery, I don't know how i even managed to live three years cooped up in various rooms with timings that would have made the oldest Victorian happy.
And lesbianism. A-ha! Exactly the bit you were waiting to read...Unfortunately enough, we were only accused of lesbianism in hostel. When i say accused, oh my! People have the most creative stories. We have to-date, raped our gardener, fallen prey to molesting warden-nuns, had obscene orgies. Completely colourful!

While it's gratifying to know, we are found to be such interesting people. The truth is most different. We were beings of simple pleasures. We got happy decorating the top floor of hostel on Christmas night. We felt thrilled sneaking out at seven 'o' clock to buy bread from Vippin's and even more thrilled when the bread from Vippin's didn't give us gastroenteritis:)

So now that I've set the record straight and done my bit for Stella (and also sneakily managed a second post). I think I've reached a new milestone in life.
Blogs are 'it', yea?


Thenraj said...

hmm..good u are very openly accepting what is happening currently in the colleges :-)).

Sneha said...

remember when we were thrilled sneaking away to vipins/pipins, and were blissfully unaware of what a 'blog' was...???

i woulda thought it was some sort of tool.

Of Gunbuzzys said...

we were too busy worrying about cockroaches then!!!:)