Sunday, August 5, 2007

Bangalore Dreams

This one time i went for a shoot (the only time i went for one), and there was a cock that crowed. Now there's nothing wrong with a cock crowing. Cocks crow all the time. But this one had fancy timing, it crowed at eleven am! Our director was stumped. "Why is this cock crowing? Isn't it eleven am?", said he. "Bangalore", said i. (Please note, i made a funny)

The signs are all out there! In namma Bengaluru, the sun peeks out pretty late. In the mornings, waking up is pure torture. Especially if you aspire to higher things like yoga and exercise. And if you've had a late night, God help you. This morning, i had plans; read that otherwise unreadable book, go for that long neglected jog, make those accounts, oh and find clothes that don't look like night wear for work! Ultimately, i did wake up early(-er than usual) but all i managed to accomplish was staring at my tube light, and thinking how obscenely bright it was.

Life is difficult. There is no doubt. You have money issues, you have non-ironed clothes to iron. And then you can't even wake up. On the flip side you can dream big.


Just me again! said...
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Just me again! said...

You think you have problems?

Try waking up in a land where the sun either decides to start shining at 5 am and keep shining till 11pm, or worse ... won't even show it's face till 11am and then will call it quits by 4pm.

In these obscenely bright days, your dark humour is muchly appreciated! Keep blogging!

And why does it say I deleted my comment when what I clicked was publish??!?!?!

Of Gunbuzzys said...

why was ur comment deleted? this thing is acting funny id rather live in england anyday..need change!!

SloganMurugan said...