Monday, July 12, 2010

Grumpy Party Observations

I went to a party sometime back. This isn't me throwing my social life in your face. Don't worry. I'm simply making yet another earth-shattering observation.

This one (observation) bothered me a LOT. So I have to crib about it. :)

So I was planted next to this Very Pretty Girl at the party. Even on a usual day, it is hard for other women to appreciate Very Pretty Girls. Most women will vehemently deny this. But since I'm good, I'm also honest.

So I sat next to her with an open mind. Since there was no one else next to me. I didn't have a choice.I also decided to be terribly nice to her and ensnare with the old Conversation Skills. At this point I realized I was behaving like a giddy headed BOY. So I played it cool. And flashed one of my own winning smiles. She barely moved a facial muscle. In fact I'm pretty sure her smile was a grimace.

This really upset me. Now i felt like a giddy headed boy with acne.

So i threw in a couple of pretty good jokes. Tittered at them myself. And looked at her for approval. She had turned her grimace into something vague, like a non-committal smile. At this point I feared that she suffered from a severe lack of a sense of humour.

As if to prove me wrong, our Very Pretty Girl turned to the Very Unpleasant Boy next to her and he OBVIOUSLY cracked a joke. She laughed hysterically at this. Throwing back her head and allowing her pretty hair to sway along in rhythm. I was worried she'd sprain it.

Anyway I spent the entire night observing her. As I had nothing else to do. And the nearest converse-able person was four chairs across the room.

I came to realize that all it takes to impress some men is hysterical laughter. At their jokes. The more you laugh at their jokes, the more they realize how utterly gorgeous and disarming you are. How pretty your throat is (when you throw your head back). How soft your hair is (when you sway it on to their shoulder during a particular vigorous laughing movement). How white your teeth are (I don't need to explain this one). How INTELLIGENT you are (to understand that kind of wit!).

I must add that I will never laugh at stupid jokes to charm anyone. Out of great respect for my own sense of humour.And fear of a sprain.


Manisha S. said...

This is so wicked and apt. Also quite hilarious.

Meera said...

Esp. cause we know the secret reference. ;)

HK said...

Very funny! It is so easy for a pretty girl ;)

Anonymous said...

weird !

Meera said...

@HK: thanks
@gypsy: you think?