Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Eyeballing Kerala

I was in Kerala for a few days doing absolutely nothing and having such a good time I got superstitious.
Here's what I saw, in points (because I can't be bothered to write too much, am still on holiday)

1: It's green. You should see it from the skies.

2: The Left has made it's presence felt. There are unions for everything. Including an All Kerala Mammooty Fans Union.

3: If you cycle past the village school in shorts and a top so long it covers your shorts, be prepared to hear a chorus of "Aiyyyee" which roughly translates to "Chee" which roughly translates to disapproval. From the kids that too.

4: Green. Green. Green. Green. Greenie. Greenug. Greenu. Green!

5: The roadside tea is quite awesome. As is the fish (everywhere- roadside, resort side, any side)

6: When in a temple in Kerala, do not hold hands with members of the opposite sex. As you will be struck by lighting! I swear I was. I can't believe I'm making this sentence. But, I was struck by lighting in a temple.

7: My ayurvedic masseuse (who I had to cycle through an entire village to reach) was called Mini Joy. He he. Quite cute I think.

8: Nothing equals swimming in the rain, in the moonlight under a canopy of coconut trees.

9: A word of warning. If you are late for your flight, try not telling your cab driver about it. He might take it as a personal mission to get you there on time. In the process your heart will make it to your mouth (given the incredibly scary driving). I'm told the driving in Kerala is probably the worst in the world!

10: I loved how the people were warm, welcoming, ever-smiling and helpful. I'm sorry to sound like a bloody foreigner. But something about people in villages and small towns is so genuine. They look happy and content. After the cribby, angry, grouchy crowd in Bombay. It is such a joy to see. Not a Mini Joy, but a big, fat XXL Joy. :)


Anshuman Manur said...


Meera said...

thank you! :)

mala said...

........thats why kerala is known as 'Gods own country'......but mumbai is mumbai, the spirit of the city is something else..........

mala said...

.........and how come you have missed the lungi and umbrella, meera?? thats simbly kerala.....!lol!!

Meera said...

PS: the lungis were in abundance.
so were the hairy legs. :)

Anonymous said...


you went on a holiday.

you lucky ...

wondering aloud if use of the fossil "Bombay" was intentional or a mere faux pas.

'BOMBay' Oh! you probably haven't yet figured out the wisdom behind changing the exonym.
Deep stuff, i say.
You survived the sainiks sans an apology.

you lucky ...

"cribby, angry, grouchy", really!

looks like you've been at the wrong places or met the wrong kind. or maybe your perspective needs a rejig.

yeah, people here can be that and more. hehe!

this is me writing for F's sake.

Heathcliffs Girl said...

Driving in kerala makes it possible for you2 drive anywhere! and oh the fish!! um.

Nidun Jacob said...

Ya soo true....kerala is a great place to detoxify yourself from the crazy city life! i love going back home to kerala for the beauty and the food!!
And its true, the driving is insane.

Nice blog

Meera said...

Dear Anonymous. Too cowardly to leave a name, eh? The use of Bombay was intentional. To me it will always be Bombay. To cowards, I don't know. I think Shiv sanika have greater issues to address than read Me-Ra! :)
@Heathcliff's girl: Why the name? I'm curious. I love Wuthering heights BTW. And you're right about the fish :)
@Nidun Jacob: You go there often? Lucky you :)