Thursday, June 17, 2010

Very Deep Questions

1: Why is it that only a pharmacist can read doctor's prescriptions?

2: How do doctors pass their med exams. With handwriting like that?

3: Is it handwriting like that that makes them pass in the first place?

4: If 40 is the new 30 and 30 is the new 20, then what is the new 20? 10?

5: Why is there a 'g' in Gnu and Gnat?

6: How come whatever you buy goes on sale, the week after you buy it?

7: How can ‘A Slim Chance’ and ‘A Fat Chance’ mean the same thing?

8: How come it rains when I don't have an umbrella and stops IMMEDIATELY after I buy one?

9: How can I think of a tenth one, now that I'm out of questions?

10: OK fine...What is your name?


Anshuman Manur said...

Ordinary stuff! It misses the wit and humour which usually mark your posts. It actually reminded me of an e-mail forward.

Meera said...

ya i know...i was trying to change my style a bit. it was intentional. but e-mail forward? really? ouch! :P

Anshuman Manur said...

Lol! Yep e-mail fwd! Could I be any harsher?

Meera said...

It's odd..just when I lost interest in the blog..i got a whole lot of emails from strangers saying they loved it! But I guess my disinterest shows. :P

Anshuman Manur said...

A whole lot of emails eh? That must've felt good! :P
I did notice that you hadn't written in a couple of months, and the last one was not so great either, but I thought you were just having a dry run, or were too busy or something. But tell me more about this losing interest business, is it just the blog? Or is it writing altogether?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Meera! You've been pubbing too often it seems.

Wonder what ye up to? Haven't seen ya around town.

Meera said...

Both of you: I am officially back. With a cartload of "interest".

Da Rodent said...

I really dont think that these pharma guys understand either. They just do a good guess.. probably.