Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Copy Right

People get very annoyed about being copied and aped. For some reason, everyone wants to be an original…the only one and all that sort of thing. This without realizing, that nearly all of us are trying to be original, to fit in.

And why am I being so wise? Because I went through my own share of outrage recently.
I found out that a “friend”, “reader”, “plagiarist”, “copy cat” (for the ones with a sparse vocabulary) call her what you wish…studiously copies my blog, my style of writing, even the template!

Quite rightly, I was annoyed. Especially cause she had more readers complimenting her on her style.

I plotted revenge in various ways. My mind being delightfully devious, this wasn’t hard to do at all. Many “original” ideas popped in.
One of them being to poison her. (with arsenic, mind you) But Tremendous Restraint made itself known, along with a calm, (previously seen only in Buddha) that told me to not react at all.

Not even ask her “why”. I just decided to let it go.

And thank her instead for copying me. Because a) now I know someone REALLY reads me. b) now I know someone likes my writing enough to copy it.

Also, you have good taste darling.


From the ashes! said...

That was a good one, Meera, hope your friend leaves this one well alone :D. Good job with the writing.

Meera said...

i hope so too :) something tells me she will. and thanks!

Vishnu Raghav said...

Hope the reader doesn't copy this post too!

As a kid , I would sit in front of my dad and copy his every action annoying him to bits.

This could end up being a similar situation. :)

kadur said...

Imitation is only the highest form of flattery, as they say - so enjoy it :)

Meera said...

hey...she actually did copy some stuff. and i did confront her, and i'm pretty sure she will read this. :)i don't have all that much to say, but atleast things are in the open now.
and thanks kadur.
and vishnu, yes, she totally annoyed me. but now i'm just amused :)

Da Rodent said...

ignore. its easier that way.