Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Since I'm home and I have nothing better to do, I've been reading a lot of magazines. Truth is, I love reading magazines...the visual content definately helps my attention span. However, I chanced upon a copy of India Today. Or The Week. Or Outlook...don't remember which since these magazines try and differentiate themselves based purely on a boring cover design. And fail miserably in the process. Frontline by the way, is a pretty good magazine. If you can manage to keep your eyes open inspite of the mindnumbingly boring layout.

(Am I the only one who notices these things?)

Yeah, so (thank you attention span for making me forget)...what i was going on about was that...the entire issue was based on GOSSIP! And the gossip centred around politicians. Has anyone noticed how stupid out daily information is getting?

Only today, i read a headline in TOI that claimed "Actress Eric Bana feels comfotable in the nude". For the uninitiated, Eric Bana is a man. With very hot calf muscles, i might add! Now that's not the only thing. Why do we even CARE if he/she or them like being naked? How does it concern an average reader (like me, currently home ridden with amoebiosis)?

Incidentally, and getting back to it, the Gossip issue also carried an article with the Health Minister cautioning the government on more stringent screening in the airport to prevent H1N1 wreaking havoc in India. This was a month back.
What if THAT had been the cover story?

But funnily, it was not. And Swine Flu paranoia left me with a good laugh when i noticed nearly everyone wearing masks that left them looking like...pigs.

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