Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Minstrel Creep

Have you ever wondered about the men who have a song for every occasion?

I'm in awe of them. I simply don't know how they do it. And no...don't be snotty, conjuring up songs in the face of impending fury is a skill. And not many have it.

For instance, you ( a girl of 22 or an attractive fair skinned womanly looking long lashed man liable to attract male attention) are walking down the road. Ok. Just walking. Minding your own business. Probably soaking in the sunshine or thinking of losing weight. Or what to wear in the evening. Or slowly burn someone's hair. Whatever it is. You are walking. And then...you feel eyes upon you. Eyes that seem to know a dirty secret about you. (My next article will be about private eyes). And you look a little enraged, shy or thrilled (depending on your beau-count). A disgusting little worm of a man is giving you the eye. And just when you have pulled your jacket a little tighter around you. He, wonder of wonders...manages to sweep past you and whisper a sweet little song in your ear.

And then he's gone!

Now here is the question. How did this man...in the face of danger and unimaginable lust (going by his eyes) manage to break into a SONG? I mean, isn't it odd? He could have done anything...but he chose to sing a song!!! In your ear. And then disappear.

Should you applaud this performance?


Undisclosed said...


People are strange
when you're a stranger...

Loved this piece...

michellekc18 said...

Die woman die

pure said...

i don't know who is stranger
that freak
or you

how does such things like this happen to you

must be some "freak attractor" u have

check ur perfume.