Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lady's Finger

Everyone survived my cooking back home last night.

I mean, they make toxic milk in China. What are the odds?

So i made rasam last night. Rasam and potato fry, spicy as hell. And my roomie made a mish mash vegetable stew that just stole the thunder from under my rasam's nose!
But then I figured i really enjoy cooking. Like there are so many ways of entertaining yourself.

If your too bored, you can pretend to set your room mates' sleeve on fire.
You can go nuts with the chilli powder.
You can take out tiny tiny black seeds, god-knows-what -they're-called and make eyes and a mouth in the rasam.It looks like a face!!!

But just get someone to cut the bloody vegetables.
I hate losing my fingers in the business of saving money when the maid's not around.

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