Sunday, July 13, 2008


Did you know The Fall Of Human Intellect by Guru Parthasarathy is sold out? In six weeks that too. Wonder what kind of intellect bought it.

So, this weekend anyway, i took the long way home. By bus. I don't know if it's worth blogging about. But since my life is mighty boring and i never do things like streak on the terrace under a starlit sky, I'll just have to make do with writing about the bus from Colaba to Bandra.

So, my brilliant sense of direction did not allow me to imagine that there might be a bus stop right next to my aunt's place and i just HAD to venture out in the dark, all alone and terribly confused on a lonely, godforsaken road. The only other living beings there were a hooker and her dog. And usually I'm make of sterner stuff, but something just snapped in me and i started running-walking! Ugh. I'm never going to make fun of Mandy about Stalin again. Not after this.

Anyway so when i finally got on the bus, all i saw were people in love. People holding hands, people sneakily trying to put their hands on other people under the guise of concern or "nonchalance". I don't know why men are so eager to get their hands on women. Especially when the woman is pretending to be shy about it. The entire journey i saw one incessantly jabbering woman managing to keep her boyfriend's hands off her thigh with some serious matrix moves. I can't use ANY other term to describe it, I'm sorry.

The other portion of my weekend I've spent reading and watching my housemates putting ammonia, scissors and Nazeem's hands on their hair.


sgm said...

I think you should consider the streak and the starlit skies option to add some zing to your life.

Meera said...

i think you should refrain from comment!

sgm said...

yeah yeah take the easy way out.