Tuesday, December 4, 2007

No Cloudless Climes, No Starry Skies

It takes very little for your whole life to change. A second, a word carelessly spoken, a decision taken without thinking...and wham...you won't know what hit you. And suddenly life will be a myriad shades, all black. 'Cause while change is this sudden, it is never invited, it comes of its own accord and slams you somewhere you can never heal.
It's like that tree outside the window of my old room. Winter would leave it flushed pink, blossoming, leafless but lively. Come summer, it would be dead, ugly, boring and defeated. Defeat is the worst, you can't battle it once it hits you right? It's just there, you know there is nothing you can do, because change has happened without bothering to ask you if it's invited in your life.
And there are these people, all of them moving around you, wanting things from you..headlines, ads, scripts, conversation, empathy, interest. And they can't see can they? That you are empty, and you can't give anymore. But you don't even have a choice. Life must go on, empty, black, hopeless, whatever...but it goes on. Nothing stops in the wake of change. Like hurricanes hit towns, break houses, but people build them again. Even Pompeii, ruined and abandoned, hides in its old glory, bustling with the hope of discovery.
Time heals they say. But why does time take so long?


death becomes him said...

that's a tough question
I have a cheesy answer for you
I guess 'Time takes it's own time' because you are not yet ready to heal or change or overcome or etc :-)

When you are ready - time won't matter

malted socktail said...

time waits for no man, woman or child... but then again...i prefer dilbert's takes on these things..

when ure have a good time, time flies.
when yur not, time decides to take a detour and crawl like an old man without his cane...

ure writing, imm....presses!