Friday, November 2, 2007

Random Variable!

A-hello, hello! I am back. Full of vigour and vigourous phlegm. Also, my voice sounds a Bond girl, my boy said. But then he's my boy (poor chap values his life). The others are inclined to agree that there is some vague resemblance to a bull frog.
I don't know if anyone actually reads my efforts at being grammatical ( I start my sentences with capitals). But, if no one does, I'll write anyway. Cause its raining like a bitch and i have nothing better to do.
I forgot what i came here to write, but i remember some long forgotten promise about not writing about myself. So i won't. After now, that is.
So i think i'll write about hunger. But the only thing that comes in my mind is ethiopian jokes. How callous. Like this one: WHAT DO YOU CALL AN ETHEOPIAN WITH A PENNY ON HIS HEAD? => A NAIL. I cannot suppress a giggle. Sorry God!
So let's just keep my entry in heaven safe, and we'll talk about...uh...Lake Michigan? Bangalore, severely resembles it. On that pretty vague note. Toodles. (And yes i do say "gay" things like that)

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bungling bunny said...

well i'll be %$#$#&%*

i'm stumped

but nice read