Friday, October 12, 2007

Who do i right for?

Someone recently tore my writing to bits, (with good intention of course). This one being constructive criticism. It made me think a little bit. Like who does read my blog and what do i really write for. This threatened to go into deeper spaces like The Meaning Of Life, but I'm delightfully shallow, so i stopped.
The will to write itself is a great thing. I know a friend who ranted on and on about the good, correct things to do. It sounded like Gandhi talking in his sleep. And Gandhi himself had to be transformed into a new age comedian for "us" to accept him. The last i read about Gandhi was on October second where peoples views on him were discussed and one person went so far as to say.."wasn't he a sex maniac?"
Writing might live on...there's Shakewithfear, Charles Dickens (i needn't bother making fun of his name), Byfrown, Mark Pain and so on and so verbosely forth. I'm not ashamed to say, i read Old Man and The Sea, just before bed..puts me to sleep in a jiffy. Yes, yes, a great bedside companion! So as you can see..i am no great judge of literature..i read what holds my attention. I'd love to read an ad by Neil French (
cause it's just a good read.
But whatever it might be, reading and writing depends on perspective and choice. One reads it either with evil designs on the writer, or with a critical eye, or with a preconceived notion or with plain interest. Whatever it might be, it is very difficult if not impossible to please everyone or anyone. However, if someone is thought to be self involved they can of course write a blog that talks about Mark Twain and Gandhi and seem like a woman of many interests. :)


zoink said...

ok :-)

zoink said...

Neil French!


malted socktail said...

well , its been known for centuries you cant please everyone.

thats why we have appreciaters and kritics...shakespeare had his fans, and his enemies so on and so forth, but if the only reason u write is wat u mentioned :) then u r quite .... :)

but write, write and write, its an art, a feeling, an expression, or any thing else for your cup of tea. its quite like smoking, its something you love or hate but you ll only know if you try.and if it works for you, all and good! :)

Of Gunbuzzys said...

i don't believe i mentioned the reason i write... :)
but i write cause, it comes out!simpul! :)
and " ...." means what? elucidate!